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Vingen is located in breathtaking surroundings where the city stretches out into the Fjord. Our creative chefs create menus inspired by the current exhibitions at the Astrup Fearnley Museum - seasonal and ever changing. Come grab a coffee, have lunch or enjoy a dinner with a view. Welcome!


It is possible to book the space and host private events in what we see as one of Oslo’s most beautiful locations. Get in touch.


The menu is inspired by the Lizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin exhibition at AFM —



Chipotle glazed chicken wings with creamy gorgonzola dip 

Allergies: 4, 9, 10



Cured trout tartar with scallops, cranberries, horseradish and seaweed

Allergies: 3, 7, 9, 11


the herbivore

Our favorite veggies in one dish.

Miso onion, pickled mushrooms & charred brusselsprouts

Allergies: 4, 9, 12



savory soup

Spiced pumpkin soup with smoked bottleneck, celery & dried tomatoes.

Choose between vegan, haddock or bacon

Allergies: 4, 12, (7)


max cheese

Our take on a classic. Baked mac ’n’ cheese with Bufar, parmesan & cheddar. Served with blue cheese dip and tomato relish

Allergies: 1, 5, 6, 10


sticky ribs

Glazed lamb spareribs. Served with pumpkin hummus, nordic «kimchi»

& buckwheat popcorn

Allergies: 4, 9, 12



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Vingen is located at the Astrup Fearnley Museum at Tjuvholmen:

Strandpromenaden 2
0252 Oslo



Closed Mondays

Tue – Sun, 10 – 19



Call us directly at +47 901 51 595 or email for booking and events.


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